Who the experts are taking between Patriots vs. Steelers Week 14 redemption game

The majority of NFL experts believe the Steelers will get the job done tonight on Thursday Night Football

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Final Prediction has the Steelers being upset at home against the Patriots

Different things could go right for the Steelers, but there are plenty of things that could go wrong. They have made some rusty or inexperienced quarterbacks look good these past couple of weeks. That trend could come back to bite them if they're not careful no matter how bad New England's offense has been or not.

It will all come down to which team's defense has a better day at the office. It's hard to bet against someone like T.J. Watt in that scenario. Expect a defensive battle that takes advantage of their poor offensive opponents. Whichever team can set up their offenses in a reasonable field position and make plays when they get there will win this one.

Final Prediction: Patriots 16, Steelers 13

Kenny Pickett was starting to play better football before his injury hit, so that will affect the offense even more. Expect Trubisky to try multiple times to sling the ball down the field. He has been almost a given to throw an interception or two during that time. Both offenses are probably going to be as terrible as they have been spoken about leading up to this game.

Next. Steelers may hire one of these coaches as offensive coordinator. Steelers may hire one of these coaches as offensive coordinator. dark

The Steeler's defense will allow the starting quarterback of the Patriots to find holes in their relaxed coverage and lead a couple of drives down the field for points. New England's coaching prowess is another thing that will help their winning efforts in this one. The Steelers are the more desperate team going into this game, but they also have more pressure on themselves.