Who is playing Sunday Night Football?

It's primetime football action! Here are the two NFL teams playing tonight.

Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers
Steelers, Pittsburgh Steelers / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Sunday Night Football has been played on NBC every week dating back to August of 2006. In your head, you're probably already hearing Carrie Underwood singing the 'Sunday Night Football' song or the sound of Chris Collinsworth with his lively color commentating.

This is the most coveted time slot for a football game week in and week out, and it's typically reserved for the teams that draw in the best ratings, those who are projected to be in the playoff hunt, or heated divisional rivals.

This week, the two teams squaring off on Sunday Night Football haven't been exactly the most exciting teams to watch early in the season. In fact, these offenses have been downright pitiful so far. Regardless, this is a classic matchup on SNF that you aren't going to want to miss tonight for Week 3.

Who is playing Sunday Night Football?

Tonight's Sunday Night Football game will be a contest between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Las Vegas Raiders. Mike Tomlin's team is on the road, and it will be the first meeting of these two teams in Las Vegas. The Raiders are 4-0 in their last four home games against the Steelers when the games were played in Oakland.

While they aren't division rivals, the Steelers vs. Raiders is a vintage matchup that dates back to 1970 when two of the nastiest teams in football would slug it out. Pittsburgh has all-time record of just 11-14 against the Raiders, and they are just 4-8 when these games have been played on the road, per Statmuse.com.

Tomlin is hoping his team produces better results this time around, as he looks for his first-ever road win against this AFC opponent. Kickoff of the Steelers vs. Raiders game is set for 8:20 p.m. Eastern Time on NBC.

Next week's Sunday Night Football game will feature the Chiefs and Jets. The schedule was obviously made before Aaron Rodgers' season-ending Achilles injury, and because the game takes place in Week 4 (just before the flex scheduling window), the game cannot be flexed for another game that could prove to be a closer contest.