Why Steelers fans have much they should be excited about in the 2023 season

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
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Why fans should be excited about the Steelers passing game

The improvement here is multi-dimensional. Whereas the improved offensive line not only helps the rushing game, it also helps the passing game. Plus, there are new wrinkles to the Steelers passing game that could make it dynamic. For several reasons. First was the addition of Allen Robinson, and Calvin Austin finally made his debut.    

No one here is saying that Robinson is going to go out and catch a hundred passes for 1500 yards. If he catches 50 passes for 500 yards, that might be impressive. Robinson may be over the hill as receivers go, but still, he has enough left that he could still be dangerous, and defenses will have to respect his talent.

That respect may not translate into receptions for him; it could lead to George Pickens or Diontae Johnson making big plays. Those two we know have big-time playmaking ability. Defenses will have to cover all three, minimizing double coverage on Johnson or Pickens, and if that happens well, someone may have a quick six.  

If adding Robinson creates its own unique wrinkle, the Steelers will get Calvin Austin back this season. Fans have not seen him play except for snippets from training in which he displayed impressive speed after catching the ball. Thus Austin’s return is almost like an additional rookie, as no one knows what he is capable of.  

The upshot of Austin's return is not that he will go out and catch 100 passes in 2023; it will be what he does after catching the ball. Pickens may be able to make those one-handed snags. Austin is the type that if he catches the pass on the fly and no one touches him, then the defense will need a Visa card to catch him. He can have only 2-3 receptions but turn them into long gains.

Fans should be excited to see what 2023 holds in store for the Steelers as this is potentially the most talented group of 4 receivers the Steelers have had in a long while, not including Pat Freiermuth or Darnell Washington.