Why Steelers fans have much they should be excited about in the 2023 season

Steelers, Joey Porter Jr.
Steelers, Joey Porter Jr. / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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Why Fans Should Be Excited to Watch the Steelers defense

As with every Steelers fan, we love touchdowns. Nevertheless, true fans that bleed black and gold love to see the Steelers bring down the Steel Curtain sack a quarterback, or lay a hit on a wide receiver. What is the Steelers defense if it does not go there and play physically and roughly? They have a reputation to uphold.

As a fan, this is why you must be excited to see how the Steelers secondary performs. The Steelers have a great prospect in Joey Porter Jr., who is quickly demonstrating he is cut from the mold of his father, and a former great Steelers linebacker who put the hurt on a few players in his day. How can you not see what he can do for the Steelers.  

Plus what's more interesting than the Steelers adding Patrick Peterson? Perhaps he’s an older veteran, but his addition will help Joey Porter Jr. learn the position, and he is not a lousy cornerback himself. Add to that Corey Trice Jr. What will the Steelers get with Trice? Well, considering people say he was a steal where they drafted him, who knows? Again you know you can’t wait to see how it all shakes out.

Why? Because in the middle of these new additions to the Steelers secondary, then you have Minkah Fitzpatrick. How could you not want to see how they all mesh together? The Steelers potentially have their best secondary in years. If that is not enough to make you salivate until the Steelers play their first game, then what will?  

If that is not all, then you have a punter challenging Pressley Harvin. The Steelers have “Mullet” Monte Pottebaum trying to make the team as a fullback. You have Nick Herbig, the little brother to offensive lineman Nate Herbig and the Steelers replaced Myles Jack with Elandon Roberts. Sure, you can always be critical of Steelers signings or draft picks.

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Every Steelers free agent signing or draft pick is not going to work out, that’s a given. It will take a season to see how that all shakes out. However, until then, how can you not, as a fan, be stoked for the regular season to start to see how all these new players do? Fans have much to be excited about ahead of the 2023 season.