The worst Steelers jerseys in franchise history are a no-brainer

No contest.
New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers
New York Jets v Pittsburgh Steelers / Justin K. Aller/GettyImages

If you polled 100 Pittsburgh Steelers fans about what the worst jerseys were in franchise history, it'd be at least 90% in favor of the bumblebee throwbacks. The Steelers haven't worn these uniforms since 2016 and it's doubtful they ever will again.

Christian D'Andrea of For The Win will be thrilled about that since he also chose the bumblebee throwbacks as the worst jerseys for the Steelers. He didn't even feel the need to write a blurb about how bad the throwbacks are because we all just know. They're pretty dang awful.

Steelers bumblebee throwbacks crowned as worst jerseys in franchise history

The Steelers first started wearing these throwbacks in 1934 and then brought them back in the 2012 season with mostly negative reviews. Despite the backlash toward the unis, the Steelers continued trotting them out for games over the next several years and some Steelers players admitted to actually liking them.

The Steelers have a very traditional uniform, making the fact that they were wearing these hideous throwbacks multiple times a year even worse. Fortunately, the Steelers made the popular decision to retire the ugly throwbacks for good.

The last time we saw Pittsburgh in this look was in 2016 when they played the Jets so it's been over seven years since these disgraced our television screens. The majority of people are just fine with that.