Writers' picks and predictions for monumental Steelers game in Week 15 vs. Colts

Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts
Pittsburgh Steelers v Indianapolis Colts / Michael Hickey/GettyImages
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Final Prediction has the Steelers finding a win against the Colts

Minshew and Trubisky are going to be the tilting points for the outcome of this game. Thus far, Minshew has been the far better quarterback, but Trubisky is coming off his first start of the season. The hope is that Trubisky can play a better game the second time around. If the Steelers can get their run game going then this should end up in their favor.

T.J. Watt being available for this game is also huge as the club rarely wins without him in the lineup. Alex Highsmith is questionable, but Nick Herbig and Markus Golden should do a good enough job to help replace him for a game or two. Very winnable game here for the Steelers, but another coin-flip matchup that could go either way for the black and gold.

Steelers win 21-17

Have the Steelers find a way to win this one. Tomlin has been terrific against the Colts throughout his career for one reason or another. Trubisky should be able to make better decisions with a couple of extra days to prepare for this Colts team. Turnovers are going to be huge and Pittsburgh should be able to get a couple with some issues on the offensive line for Indianapolis.

Expect a tight game that comes down to the wire on Saturday afternoon and leaks into the evening. If Pittsburgh loses this one then their season is most likely over. They need to win this game and the next if they want to put themselves into a solid position for the playoffs. This is now a must-win game and they have no errors to make from here.

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