Writers' picks and predictions for a rebound Steelers game in Week 14 vs. Patriots

  • Steelers should bounce back after embarrassing Week 13 loss
  • Expect a close game that could come down to a field goal
  • T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith are going to ball out in Week 14

Pittsburgh Steelers
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A lot can change in a week in the NFL and things are not going great for the Steelers right now. They got embarrassed last week at home against one of the worst teams in the NFL this season. Pittsburgh looked unprepared and unwilling to try and find ways to succeed. That falls onto the coaches and the players.

Injuries were another big concern for the black and gold. That issue will probably play a big part in their next game against the Patriots on Thursday night. Mike Tomlin has found ways throughout his coaching tenure to help his team not sink too low or fly too high. He tries to keep their eye on the next week so the team can rebound from a loss.

Things to pay close attention to as the Patriots take on the Steelers

Another opportunity here to rebound even without Kenny Pickett in the lineup due to injury. Mitch Trubisky will get the start, and he is going to try and push the ball down the field. He needs to find a blend of the safe play that Pickett relies on while also making big throws that have higher awards than risks. Trubisky is a good enough backup that Pittsburgh should be able to win.

New England's offense is somehow worse than Pittsburgh's. They have not been able to get past the seven points in a game on offense since week nine. That is terrible and they constantly rely on their defense to keep them in games. The Steelers' offense is bad, but the Patriot's offense makes them seem like a team on the rise.

It will all come down to which defense can play better technical football and force a turnover or two to set up their offense in scoring position. Bill Belichick is still no slouch at coaching, and Mike Tomlin has been outcoached plenty throughout his career. Don't forget that New England beat the Steelers last season with Trubisky starting, so this is no easy win.