Writers' picks and predictions for a rebound Steelers game in Week 14 vs. Patriots

  • Steelers should bounce back after embarrassing Week 13 loss
  • Expect a close game that could come down to a field goal
  • T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith are going to ball out in Week 14
Pittsburgh Steelers
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Final prediction has Week 13 issues carrying over to this game

A couple of things to look out for, the Patriots could try and get creative this week by using their numerous quarterbacks throughout the game. Trubisky will either be able to lead an effective charge this week or one that has plenty of holes and turnovers. Both teams are going to try their best to establish an effective run game.

Both defenses know that they are not playing great quarterbacks, so they will sell out and attack the trenches to stop the run game. That will then also bring pressure to the respective quarterbacks in this one. Turnovers are going to be crucial in this game. Whichever club can set up their poor offenses in scoring position most will get the best chance at a win here.

Patriots win 16-13

Another "shocking" loss here for the Steelers and this could deflate their entire season if this prediction becomes reality. The Patriots are used to coming into Pittsburgh and finding success. They don't have the same caliber of players, but neither do the Steelers. This one is another coin flip, and the same could be said for the rest of Pittsburgh's schedule.

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T.J. Watt and Alex Highsmith are going to be huge in this game. They need to apply pressure throughout the game while the defensive line stops the run game. If either of those fails, then this could be another bad week at home for the Steelers. The defense needs that pressure to get a couple of turnovers so Trubisky and company can tack on points on a short field.