Pittsburgh Steelers 2014 Draft Behind The Scenes: Episode 4


The Pittsburgh Steelers are pulling back the curtain, so to speak, on their process of the draft. The Steelers website is showcasing a series of mini documentary-style videos giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at the draft process for the Steelers from the end of the 2013 season till Roger Goodell announces the pick.

In the fourth edition in this series the Steelers wrap up their 2014 draft class and show the preparations for days 2 and 3 of the draft. We’re shown how the Steelers’ first round pick, Ryan Shazier, arrives in Pittsburgh and is taken on a tour of the facilities as well as the ever-popular stop at Primanti’s for his first Pittsburgh “sammich”.

Kevin Colbert and Dick LeBeau explain how high they were on Shazier. LeBeau also mentioning how by the time Shazier arrived, LeBeau already had some blitzes to work him into.

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We’re taken through the selections of Stephon Tuitt, Dri Archer, Martavis Bryant, Shaquille Richardson, Jordan Zumwalt, Daniel McCullers, and Rob Blanchflower. And we’re mostly left with the themes of this particular draft class overwhelmingly were speed, versatility, size, and playmaking abilities.

Whether or not each of these guys makes the roster, however, is an entirely different story. Just like every year, the draftees must go through the minicamps, OTA’s, training camp, and pre-season before they can officially call themselves a Steeler.

The response and feedback by the NFL draft “experts” around the league were pretty positive of the Steelers 2014 draft class. I don’t necessarily think they knocked this one out of the park, so to speak, but I can see positives in each of these guys just like the experts do.

You can watch the episode in its entirety right here.