Pittsburgh Steelers Sharing The Top After Holding Off Browns


The Pittsburgh Steelers took on the Cleveland Browns Sunday afternoon at Heinz Field and squeaked away with a win.  The Browns roared back in the second half after being down 27-3 at the break.  The Steelers defense buckled but held long enough to allow Ben Roethlisberger enough time to pick up his 33rd game winning drive in his illustrious career.  He connected a few times with 2nd year receiver Markus Wheaton, and set up a game winning field goal from the kicking Canuck, Shaun Suisham.

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The Steelers win puts them at 1-0 for the season and 1-0 in the AFC North Division.  The Steelers continue to do well within their division.  Despite an abysmal start to 2013 and failing to make the playoffs the Steelers had the best divisional record at 4-2.  The divisional record will be just as important this season.  The Steelers are starting out of the gate the right way (at least in the win/loss column) by getting the W.

Next week is a huge week for the Black & Gold because they take on the Baltimore Ravens.  The good guys could go up 2-0 in the division and put the Ravens at the bottom with not only an 0-2 record, but also an 0-2 divisional record.  Huge, because the Steelers are going to need every scrap of a W and advantage they can get if they want to land in the playoffs this year.  Don’t believe me?  Did you SEE that defense today?

If this week is any indicator, the Bengals and Steelers will be vying for the top spot all season long, and more than likely will end up being a see saw battle week in and week out.

Here’s a layout of the standings for this week.  They will expand to streaks and last 3 or 5 when there’s enough data for that.

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