NPC’s Week 2 NFL Picks


Week 2 of the NFL season is here. Sure seems like a slow news week, huh? It’s kind of unreal the circus that’s going on in the NFL right now surrounding the Ray Rice situation and the nationally televised stand-alone, first game of the week is happening in Baltimore. Whatever the outcome of all this and whoever remains in charge of things remains but be seen but for now there are games to be played.

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Here at Nice Pick Cowher, we are not only a bunch of nerds who follow the Pittsburgh Steelers tirelessly, but we are also a bunch of nerds who follow the NFL tirelessly. Therefore we put our money (or maybe just pride) where are mouths are and make picks on every NFL game each week. We don’t mess around with point spreads or anything like that. Just straight up picks.

All eyes are going to be watching the NFL this week for more reasons than just the games but nevertheless the first game of the week is the always tough matchup between the Steelers and Ravens. Ray Rice wouldn’t have played this game even if the disgusting video of him knocking his wife unconscious hadn’t been made public earlier this week but that doesn’t mean there won’t be a ton of interest in this particular game on the NFL schedule. Other than Thursday night’s rivalry game the other noteworthy games on the schedule this week include Miami heading to Buffalo fresh off their home opener win over the Patriots and the Indianapolis Colts get another prime-time game as they will be hosting the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday night.

Brendan took home the Week 1 victory with twelve winners. Can he repeat or will he and the rest of the guys fall victim to my supreme game picking skills? We’ll have to see, of course. Feel free to join us in making picks of your own in the comments section, or take the opportunity to heckle and criticize our predictions if that’s your deal. Make picks of your own or you can root for your favorite NPC staffer!

Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

Here is this week’s menu of games:

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