Steelers Morning Huddle


Welcome to Week 5 of the 2014 NFL Regular season. The Steelers will be heading out on the road this week to take on the Jacksonville Jaguars and we’re busy looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block for Saturday, Oct. 4th.

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Cam Heyward fined $22K for penalty

Apparently it costs NFL players thousands of dollars to do something us fans do for free each time we watch football games. On Doug Martin’s 3-yard touchdown run in the third quarter of the Steelers’ 27-24 loss to Tampa Bay Cameron Heyward was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct for arguing with the officials following the play where, according to Steelers coach Mike Tomlin, everyone in the stadium could see that Sean Spence was being held on the play. So not only was Heyward penalized for arguing with the officials, who are currently complaining that the NFL is being inconsistent with their evaluations of them, he was fined $22,050 by the league for bitching at the officials. The Steelers were penalized a gajillion times on Sunday, most of them seemingly 15-yard penalties. It’s important to note that neither Le’Veon Bell’s taunting penalty nor Antonio Brown’s celebration penalty drew a fine from the league. So, consistency.

Here’s Doug Martin’s touchdown run one more time for posterity. Hmm…Sure looks like 51’s getting held right there doesn’t it?

10 questions with Antonio Brown Teresa Varley caught up with Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown for this week’s edition of the “10 questions”. If anyone caught the ESPN special on him regarding his mission that started back in training camp to sign and respond to everything sent to him by a fan this season, Varley asks what got that all started.

"“We have a tremendous fan base, one that not everybody gets to experience and enjoy. On the road, in away stadiums, we have major support. I know everyone comes to camp every day and stays out there in the hot sun, about three and a half hours, non-stop screaming and cheering for us. Sometimes I have my family there and don’t get a chance to touch everybody. I was thinking about something positive to get the fans engaged, sending me something that I can sign and return to them. It’s just giving back. It was bigger than I thought, but that’s the love of Steelers Nation.” – Antonio Brown"

  Antonio Brown’s touchdown celebration best of the season? Around the NFL’s Dan Hanzus has declared that very touchdown celebration by Antonio Brown as the best one to date so far in the NFL in his weekly “End Around”. As long as there are touchdowns, there will be touchdown celebrations. Here’s Antonio Brown’s touchdown dance again just for fun.  

Antonio Brown hit with the Roger Goodell rules and is called for unsportsmanlike conduct. in The Fake ESPN’s Hangs on LockerDome