Steelers Morning Huddle


It’s Browns Week! Week 6 in the NFL has come and the Steelers are preparing to wrap up their series against the Cleveland Browns this Sunday and we’re busy looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s what’s being said about your Pittsburgh Steelers around the block for Tuesday, Oct. 7th.

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Up in arms over Brown’s catch

It seems to be that the late pass from Ben Roethlisberger to Antonio Brown that went for 16-yards and the win-sealing first down and that also extended Antonio Brown’s current streak of catching at least five passes for at least 50 yards for the 21st consecutive game has got some people’s shorts in a bunch. Colin Dunlap of 93.7 The Fan penned a column claiming the play to be “selfish” and a “joke”. I think it’s a joke that the entire Steeler Nation was fixated on the failure of the final offensive play against Tampa Bay last week for the entire week, some probably still are salty about it, and now it’s time to get up in arms about a play that actually had positive yardage and cemented the Steelers not giving the ball back late to give the other team a chance to win. Sometimes you just got to whine about something just for the sake of whining I suppose.

So that’s what’s supposed to happen

Mike Prisuta reviewed the Steelers win over the Jaguars and naturally highlighted the biggest defensive play of the game which was Brice McCain’s 22-yard pick-six. The Steelers defense did a good job at getting after Blake Bortles all afternoon but on that particular play it was a five-man blitz that forced the ball out early and allowed McCain to get the jump on the ball and put himself in the right spot.

"“I expected it to come out over my head but he threw a line drive. I happened to be in the right spot at the right time.” – Brice McCain"

Lance Moore biding his time

Whatever Lance Moore did, aside from having a nagging groin injury keep him out of the first two games, to keep him off the field so much since he’s been healthy he certainly didn’t help his case on Sunday. His most memorable play as a Steeler so far was catching a 26-yard pass and then immediately drawing a 5-yard penalty for spiking the ball just a week removed from a game in which the Steelers were penalized a half a billion times for eleventy billion yards. ESPN Steelers reporter Scott Brown explains that Moore is just biding his time to keep gaining the trust of the coaching staff to try and snatch the No. 3 wide receiver spot back from Justin Brown.