AFC North Power Rankings: Week 6


The Steelers continued the trend of hopping back up onto the wagon after falling off the week before.  Even though it was only against the Jaguars, some of the other teams in the AFC North stumbled this past week.  Here are the updated rankings after week 5.

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4. Cleveland Browns (2-2)

Last Week: 3

Even though the Browns won last week, it was against a Titans team who had looked putrid all season.  The Browns didn’t win convincingly either.  A last second field goal isn’t enough to keep them above the Steelers and from passing up a Ravens team that lost.  The game against the Steelers this week will be a close one, but mostly due to the fact that both teams have played subpar this season.  Whichever team loses will almost be certain to take over the bottom of the rankings this week.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers (3-2)

Last Week: 4

It was a toss up between the Browns, Steelers, and Ravens for how the bottom three spots of the rankings would turn out.  In the end I just had to go with the order of how talented I think the teams are.  The Steelers also performed better than the Browns did this past week than the Browns did, in my opinion.  Although it was only against the Jaguars awful offense, the Steelers defense still looked good on Sunday.  Their offense didn’t look nearly as good, but that doesn’t worry me very much because they clearly have the talent to be good.

2. Baltimore Ravens (3-2)

Last Week: 2

The Ravens still may be ranked ahead of two teams who won last week even though they lost, but they only lost by a touchdown to a team who is much better than the two teams who the Steelers and Browns beat.  I still think they finish in the third place spot at the end of the year, but right now they are playing like the second best team in the division.  Losing to the Colts by a touchdown is better in my book then only beating the Jaguars by a pick six and only beating the Titans by a game winning field goal.

1. Cincinnati Bengals (3-1)

Last Week: 1

The Bengals may have gotten thwacked on Sunday Night Football by the struggling Patriots.  They are still head and shoulders better than any other team in the division.  There really isn’t much to say other than that.  There is a 97% chance that they end up winning the division and if they don’t it will come as a surprise to me.