Steelers: Should Todd Haley’s Contract Be Extended


When Todd Haley arrived in Pittsburgh three years ago he was quite possibly universally disliked from the start, even from the team’s own quarterback. The Pittsburgh Steelers, particularly Art Rooney II’s handling of the Bruce Arians “retirement” left a lot to be desired and ultimately made for a tense situation for whoever showed up to be the team’s new OC.

Now, in his third and final year of his contract, Todd Haley has the Steelers poised to not just break, but shatter every important offensive franchise record, is it time to settle in on the idea of more Todd Haley in the future?

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While Art Rooney II failed in properly handling Arians’ exit, he did have a plan in mind years ago when making the switch. Most people focused on his comments regarding the running game in the thoughts that the team needed to run the ball “more effectively” but his comments back then were also aimed at Ben Roethlisberger, particularly ensuring his longevity as a successful quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

In the last three years it’s hard to argue that the offense has improved and that the Steelers are, especially with the addition and explosion of Le’Veon Bell, running the ball more effectively. Ben is better protected, and all signs are pointing to him getting a healthy contract extension of his own this off-season.

However, none of this has yet to result in any playoff appearances, let alone wins, which is the ultimate measure of how successful any team is, especially the Steelers.

For all the criticism that Todd Haley gets when things go poorly, does he deserve all the credit for how the Steelers offense performs historically great? Earlier this week PPG Steelers Insider Ed Bouchette detailed the record-breaking pace the Steelers offense is on so far and the potential of franchise records that can be broken.

They include:

  • Franchise record for points scored in a season, 419 in 1979 (Steelers offense is currently 55 points away from that record)
  • Franchise record for offensive yards, 391.1 in 1979 (Steelers are currently averaging 427 yards of offense)
  • Franchise record for first downs, 344 in 1995 (Steelers need just 2 more first downs to break that record)
  • Franchise record for passing yards per game, 259.3 in 2009 (Steelers currently averaging 303.2 passing yards per game)

In addition to those franchise records on the brink of being destroyed within the next three weeks, the “big three” of the Steelers offense (Ben Roethlisberger, Antonio Brown, and Le’Veon Bell) are on the verge to set individual records as well.

Roethlisberger can shatter his own records for touchdown passes, passing yards, and completions this season. Antonio Brown can break and set a new franchise record for receptions, which Hines Ward set in 2002 with 112. Brown can also break the franchise record in receiving touchdowns and his own record for receiving yards. Brown currently leads all wide receivers in the NFL in receiving yards.

Bell has already broken the record for receptions by a running back with his 71 catches; he can break the franchise record for receiving yards, scrimmage yards, and rushing yards. Bell leads the AFC in rushing yards and is second to Dallas’ DeMarco Murray in the league.

Do you give credit to Todd Haley for all of that? Does that entitle him to a contract extension? If you say “No” to both of those questions, how could you as a team president, head coach, or general manager, fire the offensive coordinator that just lead the team to shatter every offensive record previously held? With or without a playoff appearance or victory, those should stand for something.

When it comes down to it, what we want are results. Stats are great and all and they look fancy in list form and whatnot but if it doesn’t result in an addition to the trophy case, what are we doing it for? In my opinion the Steelers should extend Haley, but definitely after the season is completed and make sure the entire body of work is evaluated.

Would you give Todd Haley a contract extension for the Steelers? Why or why not?