NPC’s Week 16 NFL Picks


There are only two weeks left of the 2014 NFL Regular season and it always goes by way too fast. The AFC locked up all but one of the division winners last weekend and the NFC could be clinching their spots this weekend.

Here at Nice Pick Cowher we are not only a bunch of nerds who follow the Pittsburgh Steelers tirelessly but we are also a bunch of nerds who follow the NFL tirelessly. Therefore we put our money (or maybe just our pride) where our mouths are and make picks on every NFL game each week. We don’t mess around with point spreads or anything like that. Just straight up picks.

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We are going to suffer through a really crappy Thursday night game featuring the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars both hoping to lose to keep themselves in the top five draft spots for next year. Once we’ve gotten through that mess we are rewarded with the return of Saturday NFL football! Oh how glorious it is during these bleak winter weeks without the start of the college bowl games that we can have Saturday NFL games back. Best idea ever. This Saturday will feature the Eagles traveling to Washington so we can all see just how dysfunctional the Redskins are on a national stage. That should be fun. Then San Diego travels to San Francisco where the 49ers are already eliminated from playoff contention and Jim Harbaugh is being pushed out the door.

The Steelers have a pivotal matchup at home on Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs where they can punch their playoff tickets with a victory and keep pace to be in position to win the AFC North on the final weekend of action. The Bengals will host the Denver Broncos and Baltimore travels to Houston where they’ll probably win by 40 and clinch their playoff spot as well. Jerks. Cleveland hopes to trot Johnny Manziel back out on the field against Carolina and it not be a complete and total nightmare like it was last week. Good luck with that.

Brendan and Levi took the victory for Week 15. I’ve pulled into within two games from the overall leader, Justin. So you could say I pretty much have this in the bag. Feel free to join us in making picks of your own in the comments section, or take the opportunity to heckle and criticize our predictions if that’s your deal. Make picks of your won or you can root for your favorite NPC staffer!

Here are the overall standings:

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Here is the Week 16 NFL Schedule:

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Here we go Steelers! Here we go!

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