Steelers 2015 NFL Mock Draft: 7 Rounds v1.0

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As disturbing as it is to look at the Steelers’ current situation at cornerback, Pittsburgh’s situation at safety is not necessary stellar either.

Age and injuries have finally caught up with  Troy Polamalu, Mike Mitchell was an utter disaster during his first season as a starter, Shark Thomas had his second season essentially wiped out by an injury, veteran Will Allen will be a UFA this spring and Robert Golden has seen almost zero snaps outside of special teams over the last two seasons.

With depth and the lack of a play-making force on the back end as a primary issue, one late round prospect who could catch the eyes Pittsburgh’s brass is Arizona’s Tra’Mayne Bondurant. One of the Wildcats’ most versatile defenders, Bondurant played linebacker, free safety and a strong safety hybrid position during his four years as a starter in Tucson.

In addition to his ability to line up in multiple places and contribute as a man or zone defender, Bondurant (5’10” 198 lbs.) is a ferocious hitter, is dangerous blitzing off of the edge, and has a knack for being around the football (2011-2014: 5.0 sacks, 28.5 tfls, 9 ints, 22 pds, 3 frs, 9 ffs and 5 touchdowns).

Although off-field issues, a lack of a natural position at the college level and some over-aggressiveness with eye discipline will likely drive Bondurant down draft boards, the Steelers could stand to take a chance on a raw prospect who has Carnell Lake-like tools.

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