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The NFL offseason has officially begun and as we prepare for combines, free agency, and the draft Steelers season never officially ends. We’ll be busy looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Friday, Feb. 6th.

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Bob’s got answers

Bob Labriola kicked off a new segment for where he takes fans direct questions and answers them. The first question he receives has to be the most intriguing, and one on most of the minds of Steeler Nation for this offseason. It deals with Steelers cornerback Cortez Allen and if the Steelers have invested too much money in him to give up on him this offseason.

In Bob’s response he agrees with the sentiment that too much money has been invested in Allen, but doesn’t see value in the Steelers cutting ties with him just yet.

"“I agree that the Steelers have invested too much in Cortez Allen to cut him this offseason, and besides they don’t exactly have a bunch of talented, young cornerbacks under contract who are just waiting for an opportunity. In fact, a ‘young cornerback under contract who is just waiting for an opportunity’ seemed to be an apt description of Cortez Allen in each of the three previous seasons. Now things are in a different place, and what happened between that time and today is largely this: Cortez lost his confidence. That is what had to be rebuilt, because his physical skills haven’t diminished. But the CBA sets very specific rules about coach/player interaction during the offseason, so most of the work will have to get done during the three-day minicamp, during the 14 OTAs, and then at training camp.” – Bob Labriola"

Steelers ranked among worst in points allowed in ‘14

If there’s any more reason to believe that this is the offseason to address the defense whole heartedly it’s ESPN’s Scott Brown’s latest piece citing how the Steelers ranked 25th in the league in points allowed, based on the analytical website The website determined the Steelers should have given up a total of around 287 points in 2014 while they actually gave up 368.

Greg Warren Re-Signed

It’s the offseason signing we’ve all been waiting for. The Steelers have signed veteran long-snapper Greg Warren to another one-year contract. Warren has been the Steelers long-snapper for the past 10 seasons and has appeared in 149 regular season games. Whew! Glad that’s taken care of. Who’s next?

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