Steelers After Dark: Man Saved In Fire By Steelers Jacket


If you’re a Steelers fan, you more than likely own your fair share of Steelers swag. But, did you know that it can be life saving?

Sometimes in the offseason, you troll around for something, anything that could be ‘news worthy’ enough to commentate on. Free agent speculations. Draft speculations. What player decided to do something stupid and get in trouble with the law?

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But this story, can probably be considered a feel good story – even though it is a little bizarre. CBS Pittsburgh reported early Tuesday evening that a man was possibly saved by being a dedicated Steelers fan.

Sammy Mackeyfill of Albuquerque, New Mexico was just hanging out in his home minding his own business when the apartment next to him caught on fire and caused his home to catch fire as well. Mackeyfill needed to evacuate his home.

When your house is on fire and burning enough that you need to just get the hell out of there, you don’t really think about grabbing anything, do you? No! You get the hell out of there and pray that the fire department can arrive in time.

Not Mackeyfill. Instead of just evacuating, he went to the closet, grabbed his Steelers jacket, put it on, and ran outside.

Rear view of Sammy Mackeyfill’s Steelers jacket. (Note: Sammy Mackyfill not pictured in this photo…)

Sounds like a dumb move, but being a dedicated fan and loving that piece of memorabilia so much may have actually saved his life, or at least his skin, while exiting his burning home. When Mackeyfill took the jacket off, he saw that there were numerous burn marks and holes in the jacket.

If it weren’t for the jacket, that would have been his skin. What exactly was the jacket? It was a Steelers Super Bowl Champion jacket that had all six championships embroidered on the front, back, and sleeves.

It’s a nice jacket, and when offered after the Steelers won Super Bowl XLIII in 2008/2009, it retailed for quite a bit of money. I’m sure there’s sentimental value for the jacket as well. If it were mine, I’d wear that sucker like a badge of honor.

But like every Steelers fairytale, there is a truly happy ending. Even though Mackeyfill’s old jacket was ruined with burn marks, an anonymous donor mailed Mackeyfill the same jacket.

Well played, Steeler Nation.  Well played.

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