Steelers Draft: Could Colbert Seek Trade Out Of 1st Round?


The Steelers have numerous options and many decisions to make in this year’s NFL draft.

That first round pick is oh so coveted, right? Well what if the Steelers traded that first round away? Is it really so inconceivable?

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The Steelers are slotted to make the 22nd overall pick. That’s not a great spot to be in, and it would be too costly to try and move up. The team needs quality picks, but the also need volume.

Looking at the Steelers top needs (CB, S, DE, OLB, TE, RB) and based on combine results, it would appear that the “Top” corners, safeties, and linebackers very well could be out of reach at 22nd.

With about half the selections from 1-21 consisting of defensive linemen and edge pass rushers and a few secondary positions projected to go by then, the top players left of need are on the offensive side of the ball.

Sure, someone like Florida State CB Ronald Darby could be left hanging around then, but I really don’t see the Steelers happy nor settling for a selection like that. And, would the Steelers really make a reach and select a TE in the first round? Maybe.

The field this year is ripe with lots of good, solid mid round talent. What if the Steelers traded that first round pick for an extra second and third round? They could stack some of these positions like CB and DE with some very good mid-round talent.

Trade with a team who selects early (5h round or sooner) and looking for an added boost with a late first round, and the Steelers could swing a deal that gives them two added picks early in Rounds 2 and 3.

According to, a first round pick at 22nd, would cost a team willing to move up at least two picks. More than likely that would be a second round and a third, or if the Steelers are willing to bend, a second, fourth and fifth round. Both, nice options.

I’m not quite on this wagon yet. It’s a bold move that Kevin Colbert may not be comfortable in making. There’s always that one player who falls in the draft who could be a great fit that would keep the Steelers sitting at 22nd. But, I think it’s an interesting scenario to ponder.

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