Steelers Fans Should Find Solace In Mike Wallace News


The Steelers had the potential of a potent receiving core back when a group of young receivers went by the name of “Young Money.”

The group that consisted of Mike Wallace, Antonio Brown, and Emmanuel Sanders brought excitement and promise for the Steelers passing attack. But much like all things, once contract negotiations started, it was time to break up the band.

The Steelers made a crucial decision during contract negotiations with Mike Wallace – the Steelers tall, fast, deep threat receiver. It would turn out to be one of the best GM decisions by Kevin Colbert in his entire career.

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Instead of signing Wallace, the Steelers offered a contract extension to Antonio Brown. The reaction from Steeler Nation was a mild yet still divisive – some argued for Wallace’s camp, some applauded the move by the Steelers top brass.

Wallace continued to nourish the “bitter tree” after holding out and seemingly give up on balls thrown his way. There was little love loss when Wallace parted ways with the Steelers and went to the Miami Dolphins. There he extorted the Dolphins a five year $60 million deal.

Two years, 140 catches, 1792 yards, 15 TD’s later, and the Dolphins are reportedly shopping the 28 year old receiver.

The honeymoon appears to be over. And, Wallace appears to be back to his ‘old ways’ of me first. Really, did they ever go away?

Steelers fans can take solace once again that this guy is no longer part of the team. I can’t imagine what this squad would be like – both in mental stability and performance on the field – if Wallace were the one to receive the contract extension.

Antonio Brown probably wouldn’t have the stats he would have. Wallace’s contract would have kept the Steelers from probably even extending Brown. Maybe others’.

It will be interesting who is willing to make an offer to the costly yet unproven young receiver. My guess would be the Raiders or Bengals. Seems like those two teams have a propensity for nabbing washed up poor attitude players. He’ll be a hard sell after six years in the league and only one Pro Bowl to show for it.

The Dolphins could be stuck with him. If they cut him now, they would eat $9.6 million in dead money and $5 million after June 1st. Tough pill to swallow.

Good luck with that!

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