Steelers Get Cornered: Harrison Could Bounce To Titans


The Steelers and veteran OLB James Harrison almost became an afterthought in the weeks leading up to free agency.

The thin at outside linebacker Steelers would almost without a doubt need the services of the soon to be 37 year old Deebo.

While no deal was ever made prior to free agency, and no one from the Steelers camp nor Harrison’s spoke of a mutual agreement, most felt that nothing would become ‘official’ until later in the offseason. A late signing would keep Harrison away from the OTA’s and other minicamps in order to keep his body fresh prior to training camps.

That may not be all that it’s drawn up to be, and in fact, the Steelers could be in some serious trouble in the coming days or weeks regarding Harrison.

On Saturday, Harrison went to social media (his preferred method of communication) to announce that he would be choosing between staying with the Steelers or heading down the river to follow former defensive coordinator and friend Dick LeBeau.

The tweet links to an Instagram video that you can click on below to watch the whole thing.

Essentially, Deebo is unsure as to whether he should stick with the Steelers or go play one more season for the man who pretty much made his career.

Just goes to show the kind of class and pull that DLB has. Seems rather obvious at this point that DLB and his friendship with Harrison repaired the bridge that was almost just about torched when Harrison and the Steelers could not come to terms on a new contract, and he ultimately signed with the Bengals.

Can that relationship pull Harrison to Tennessee?

It’s difficult to say, but a decision could come soon.

Should Harrison part ways with the Steelers to play for Dick LeBeau, the Steelers are more than officially up the creek without a paddle.

Harrison was the insurance linebacker on the right side should Jarvis Jones become injured or reside in the realm of ineffectiveness.

It’s a scary thought, and it paints the Steelers into a corner. If Harrison walks, then the Steelers will need to look for not one but two OLB’s in the draft…. weren’t they supposed to find two CB’s as well?

I don’t think the Steelers could sweeten the deal at all. I don’t even think the Titans (if they’ve made an offer at this juncture) have offered a ton more money. It doesn’t matter. This is a completely personal matter for Harrison.

Keep your fingers crossed that Harrison decides to continue his career in Pittsburgh or the already depleted defense will continue to hemorrhage.

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