Steelers Idea, Williams Good Fit, Heinz Field Stays


The NFL free agency period is in full swing and you can bet that we won’t miss a beat of Steelers coverage. While the Steelers are releasing players, signing free agents, restructure and extending contracts and re-signing their own free agents we’ll be busy looking around for mentions of your Black & Gold. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Friday, March 27th.

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Obviously, let’s make it better

The league has been after the extra point attempt for a little while now stating that the play is almost too automatic, not exciting enough, and too risky for injuries for such a boring play. Last season the extra point was pushed back during the preseason and this year during the NFL Owners Meetings the topic came up again about how to tinker with the extra point.

Steelers Coach Mike Tomlin, who is in his second year on the league’s competition committee, made a suggestion to have the ball moved to the one-yard-line after a touchdown if a team wants to attempt a 2-point conversion, explains Gerry Dulac of the PPG. If the team would rather kick the extra point, the ball is placed at the 15-yard-line. In this instance, if the 2-point conversion is fumbled or intercepted, it’s considered a “live ball” and the defense has the option to score the 2 points for themselves if they return it.

Makes for more teams wanting to try the conversion if it’s at the goal line basically and makes the play much more interesting if the opposing team has the option to score on it as well. The owners didn’t vote on the idea this time but did encourage the competition committee to formulate a proposal for the rule change for their meetings in May.

Rivera vouches for Williams

Even though Carolina Panthers coach Ron Rivera released running back DeAngelo Williams, the Panthers’ all-time leading rusher earlier this month, he had only kind words for Williams’ future in Pittsburgh, according to ESPN’s Scott Brown.

"“They’re getting a guy that practices very hard and he’s a great example for young players of how to practice. They’re getting a very steady player, a very smart player who played with a tremendous amount of pride in his work. Great work ethic, he takes the game very serious. He beats himself up when he makes mistakes because he wants to do everything right the first time and he runs hard, he really does.” – Ron Rivera"

No Heinz-Kraft Field

Although the Pittsburgh-based Heinz Company signed a deal to become a food giant when they announced earlier this week that they would be merging with Kraft Foods, Steelers fans need not worry about the name of the stadium where our beloved Steelers play. According to WTAE, the new company will be called Kraft Heinz Co. and be co-headquartered in Pittsburgh and Chicago but Heinz Field will continue to be called Heinz Filed. Whew! That’s a relief.

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