Former Steelers Batch Putting His Mark on Pittsburgh


Former Steelers running back Baron Batch had his ups and downs while trying to cement his position on the roster.

Injury and inconsistent performance (along with a back log of running back by committee) during his 2011-2013 campaigns, had him leaving the South Side facilities and the NFL for good that August.

Batch wasn’t without another plan.

Plan B Better Than Plan A

Batch is a man of many talents. Football aside, he is a very good artist.

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He took on that calling shortly after leaving football, and he hasn’t looked back. He’s embraced every moment away from the game, accepts what transpired with the Steelers, and is very thankful for the time he had in the NFL and teammates.

It’s part of his journey that has seen him land an artist studio – very much like an artists community – called Studio AM. It’s a creative space and houses his advertising, catering, and interior design business.

Batch has a true vision of collaboration within the artist community. The Pittsburgh community.

He’s also business savvy.

According to an article in the Trib, Batch put plans into motion early in his career that he would use his football salary to purchase a home, which is now paving the way to solidify his business.

Not many players in the NFL are mature enough nor have the vision like Batch.

At the time, his home was an average one. But, over time, Batch renovated and modernized the property with his own touches.

Batch said in the Trib article, ‘I think people thought I was the crazy artist who lived on the hill.’

The home sold for $115,000 and all that money will go right into his business.

Not a bad move for a ‘starving artist.’

True Identity

The Artist. It’s who he identifies himself as now. His visible Twitter name used to be Baron Batch, but soon after he began commissioning work, he changed it to The Artist (his handle is still @baron_batch).

He’s become very philosophical on Twitter and points his compass to the things that make him tick. A soul seeker.

I must confess that I did not take this transition seriously. But, I continued to follow Batch. The young man is for real and his passion and skill unquestionable. Glad I was wrong.

He’s coined himself as being the originator for POP-X art – a mix between Pop Art and Expressionism. (I’ll let the experts out there rationalize that merger).

Work titled: Black And Gold by Baron Batch shows off a far away look by Steelers safety Troy Polamalu

His website title is POP-X and is vibrant with many pieces that evoke a stir of emotion and sense of rawness – very much akin to Expressionism. (Thus ends my dissertation on at least the art.)

Batch is quickly ascending as a well respected artist in the Pittsburgh community. His work can be seen around town – take a look at the Big Dog coffee shop on the South Side.

The man is quickly making his mark in Pittsburgh.

For the betterment of the entire community and city.

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