Steelers Antonio Brown’s Agency Being Sued


The Steelers star and NFL best wide receiver, Antonio Brown, is becoming a recognized face amongst the sports community.

His work ethic, attitude, performance, and flashy smile make it easy for him to gain sponsorships and endorsements.

It appears that Brown has gone one endorsement too far, and his agency, Rosenhaus Sports Representation, is being sued for breach of contract.

According to the suit filed (reported by, Exclusive Supplements is suing Rosenhaus for $75,000 in damages.

Exclusive is no stranger to the courts.

A simple Google search and one will learn that they have been involved in several court cases – one specifically a class action lawsuit for false advertising of a weight loss supplement the company manufactures. (A wonder why Brown would be involved in the first place.)

So what’s all the fuss?

Brown’s contract with Exclusive has a no compete clause in it – meaning that he can’t put his face or name with anything that would directly compete with what he ‘endorses’ through Exclusive.

Earlier this month on the 23rd, a company by the name of Glukos annouced that it signed Brown to an endorsement deal. Glukos manufactures glucose (energy) consumables for athletes before, during, and after physical activity.

Web archives show that Brown appeared on Glukos’ home page, but was later removed – presumably after the lawsuit was filed. Below is a screen grab of Brown on their home page.

It stinks that Brown’s name is involved with all this. I’m sure he unwittingly signed off on the endorsement contract, not knowing that it was in direct conflict with his Exclusive Supplements deal.

That kind of detail is Rosenhaus’ responsibility, and it is curious as to how this deal even went down without any red flags popping up. Did they know about the conflict and ignored any legal implications?

Or did they hope that Exclusive would not hear about the news?

Well, whatever the story, Brown will have to look elsewhere for endorsements. I have little doubt that the no compete clause is null and void if Exclusive terminates the contract. They will more than likey get their $75k and not use Brown as an endorsement.

Looks like Brown is out of the supplement business. Stick to sports gear, man. Or maybe do your touchdown dance in a commercial for Casta Rasta over in Dormont.

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