How Will Steelers Fans Treat The First Female Official?


Reports are that the NFL has hired their first female official. If so, she is in for a rough time in this male-only sport. Will Steelers Fans play nice?

Well, my initial thought is:  I hope Steeler Nation is classy and generous.

According to multiple reports including one in the Trib, the NFL has hired Sarah Thomas.

She is known to some football fans because she has worked in the developmental program and officiated in a preseason game last year.  She also officiated in the NCAA.

Who am I trying to kid?  Regardless of the team, there are going to be some unkind, rude, obnoxious, and unfair jerks. The unkind ones aren’t going to be confined to the male gender either.

As a rule, fans hate when they perceive that an official has made a bad call that can cost a win. The fangs are bared and the gloves are off. Any difference, any perceived weakness is fair game, particularly in the anonymous social media world.

I realize that this is a game of strength and brutality and it goes against how many people are brought up to see women in sports that are this brutal.

How many of you have been marveling at Rhonda Rousey? Yeah. Women shouldn’t be anywhere near the ring, the field, the whatever.  BLAH, BLAH, BLAH.

People, get over yourselves.  If she is competent, let her do the job.  If she isn’t competent, fire her.

It. is. that. simple.

Perhaps because I am a woman, I just don’t get it. I will probably “get it” over this post. I don’t care.

We are too wrapped up in labels and compartmentalizing people for things like gender and religion.  It takes so much effort!

Look, I realize that many females cannot compete with men on a strength scale.  I can’t. I know it. I don’t try. I know where my strengths are.  You don’t belong on that field if you can’t handle the tasks assigned you.

However, if you can, you should not be excluded because of some factor that you have no control over, like your gender.

Let me just say this:  If this report is true, the first NFLer to “accidentally” run into her to give her a “message” (and it will happen by some neanderthal), should be dealt with severely.

Don’t tell me she shouldn’t be out there if she can’t take it.  None of the officials wear protective equipment.

She’s likely extremely competent or she wouldn’t get hired.  Look around at how many football fans are female. I’m not saying this needs to be a co-ed league either. I just don’t care if the official is male or female.

Don’t tell her to go call a Pittsburgh Passion game either. Just give her an fair chance.  I think that all any of us would want, man or woman.

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