Steelers Rivals Cincy Bengals Sign WR Denarius Moore


The Steelers rival Cincinnati Bengals are loading up on potent wide receivers for their offense.

On Monday, and a few others to confirm the report, said that the Bungles signed Denarius Moore to a one year deal. At the time of announcement and this post, financial info has yet to be reported.

Moore will be entering his 5th season and still has the speed and ability to be a big playmaker despite having a rough go last season in Oakland with his former Raiders.

The suck heads from the Black Hole decided to not use up any cap space on Moore after only having a total of 12 catches all of last season while pleading for production from their receiver core.

Moore showed off his potential in his sophomore campaign when he hauled in 51 catches for 741 yards and 7 touchdowns. It is the Raiders after all, so it is difficult to peg the decline on Moore directly.

Moore joins A.J. Green, Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu on this Bengals offense. That could be a dangerous combination – especially for a Steelers defense that has struggled in the secondary for so long, and has currently zero potency in pass defense.

Fortunately for the Steelers and Steeler Nation, the Bungles still have Andy “Ginger Spice” Dalton taking snaps under center. They possessed offensive weapons through the air last season and still only ranked 15th in yards.

They ranked 22nd in receiving touchdowns (20 TD’s).

Moore might add a little boost to the offense going down field, but until Raggedy Andy can solve his passing woes throughout the season and in the playoffs, it’s like them peeing into the wind at this point.

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