Steelers Game Versus Patriots Could Get A Little More Interesting


The Steelers will face the New England Patriots in Foxboro during the 2015 season.

No one but those in the most inner circles of the league offices know when that will actually take place, but many are speculating that it will occur at the top of the season – September 10th.

Steelers fans have always chided the NFL for such a potential matchup with the impending suspension of running back Le’Veon Bell. The Steelers rightly struggled in the Wild Card game when Bell was out with injury, and it is unclear how effective newly signed De’Angelo Williams will be.

The NFL has yet to announce the suspension of Bell. Why, we don’t know. But, Bell could face up to four games suspension should the NFL decide to hit him with the newly drawn up penalties. He will earn at least two games, but who knows how the NFL will roll when it comes to disciplining the Steelers.

No matter the suspension length, Bell will miss at least the first game, which could be the Pats. That could spell an early disaster and loss to start the season for the Steelers.

There’s been a new wrinkle to this scenario. It was announced on Tuesday that LeGarrette Blount will be facing a one game suspension to start the season.

Confusing, right? It was my understanding that Blount was going to be exempt from a suspension from the league because he pleaded in court prior to the November deadline. Bell did not appear in court and would face the leagues penalty at their discretion. So, I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Regardless, were the Steelers and Patriots to play on Thursday night of the 10th, they would be both playing without their star running backs.

There would be no opportunity for the Steelers defense to seek retribution for a guy who walked out on not only the offense but the entire team that late fall of 2014. You can’t tell me that most of those guys are drooling at a chance to light him up.

Redemption aside, both offenses would have a bit of a wrinkle to overcome with their offensive schemes. The Steelers were already planning for that with Williams taking the majority of carries for at least the first two games. But, what of the Patriots?

They’ve lost Stevan Ridley and Shane Vereen already and have  Jonas Gray, Brandon Bolden and James Develin next in line to carry the rock.

Of course, the Steelers may not face off against the Pats until after Week 1, which would then whole heartedly benefit the Patriots. They’ll have Blount back, and the Steelers could still be without Bell.

So yeah, I’m going to go with that scenario because…. you know…. the NFL.

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