Steelers Pre-Draft Visits, Spence Offseason, Fired Refs


The 2015 NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and offseason workout programs are starting across the league. While the Steelers get ready to build their big board and head out on the practice fields we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Thursday, April 9th.

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Steelers Pre-Draft Visits

The Steelers make it a point to host several pre-draft visits in addition to the pro days and the combine. ESPN’s Scott Brown explains that the Steelers are able to host up to 30 players from outside the area for pre-draft visits. In the visits the team can get a better handle on strength and conditioning and any injury concerns they might have as well as get another chance to interview the player personally.

Last year, the Steelers first four picks in the draft came in for pre-draft visits so it’s important to remember the names of these guys the Steelers are bringing in because they very well may be the guys whose names are announced on April 30-May 2.

Spence’s offseason

Steelers linebacker Sean Spence is having his first full offseason in his career considering that he was injured in preseason of his rookie season. Teresa Varley explains that Spence has the luxury of not having any rehab or recovery to deal with this spring and is out in Arizona with the rest of the linebackers, working together to come back strong for OTAs.

"“I have a full offseason to do that now. This could be the best offseason. I imagine it’s going to feel good this year. Last offseason I was trying to catch up and make sure my knee was going to be better for OTAs and training camp. Now I am riding along with the pack. I am trying to separate myself with my work ethic and work hard.” – Sean Spence"

Imagine all the Steelers linebackers working together in the offseason and competing not only on weight lifting Instagram videos, but also competing on their work ethic.

Not up to snuff

When an NFL team isn’t succeeding as well as expectations, typically the head coach is sacrificed and fired if they aren’t performing well enough. Michael David Smith of PFT explains that the same goes for NFL officials as the NFL head of officiating, Dean Blandino, confirmed that the league has “moved on” from officials who weren’t performing well.

Where that leaves them as far as who is left to officiate games now is sure a good question. Blandino wouldn’t announce the names of the officials who were let go but did say they would publish a roster of the full-time officials at the end of this month and then we can figure out who got the ax then.

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