Steelers Deebo Ball, Talking Troy, One More


The 2015 NFL Draft is just a few weeks away and offseason workout programs are starting across the league. While the Steelers get ready to build their big board and head out on the practice fields we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Saturday, April 11th.

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Harrison is still lifting heavy things

In this week’s edition of “What insanely heavy object is James Harrison lifting now?” we bring you what Harrison has lovingly called “Danney ball” which looks like it consists of throwing a medicine ball over a volleyball net back and forth.

Harrison was playing “Danney ball” with fellow Steelers Ryan Shazier, Vince Williams and Robert Golden. Looks like fun, huh?

Everybody’s talking

You can’t just have a transcendent player like Troy Polamalu modestly announce his retirement and no one have anything to say about it. The Steelers have complied tweets and Instagram posts from everyone from Ryan Clark to Bill Cowher sharing memories of Troy. Current safeties like Kam Chancellor and T.J. Ward sharing how Troy has inspired them and hopes to see Polamalu with a golden jacket in Canton at some point. Even Pittsburgh’s Mayor, Bill Peduto, Pittsburgh’s Children’s Hospital, The Make-A-Wish Foundation along with the Pittsburgh Pirates and Penguins all shared love and respect for Troy. That’s some real love right there.

One More

Speaking of love, there was no secret that Troy Polamalu shared a special bond and friendship with his fellow safety of eight years with the Steelers, Ryan Clark. Clark might not be as much of a fan favorite with Steeler Nation as Troy has been but what he had to say about Troy would make anyone proud to have Clark represented the Steelers alongside Troy.

Clark spoke about how the two of them said the phrase “One more” over and over again after a season where Troy missed games due to injury and Clark had a dire health scare in Denver when he had to have a splenectomy. They spoke about making sure to play each game after that like it was their last one. Clark’s best like was describing how no one played the position of safety more recklessly yet gracefully than Troy Polamalu. What a great description.  
There will be more games in Pittsburgh. More safeties, more incredible defensive plays, hopefully more Super Bowls and more fan-favorite players. But there will never be another Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark is damned sure right about that.

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