Steelers and Ravens Rivalry: Best in NFL?


The Steelers and Ravens rivalry is a hot subject for players and fans. The games often make prime time broadcasts. It might be the NFL’s best rivalry.

John Eisenberg recently posted on the Baltimore Ravens website his 5 reasons why the Steelers-Ravens rivalry is still a “blockbuster hit.”

He lists reasons like the coaches, the winning records, and Roethlisberger gets his own section, as does Suggs. Yeah, OK. He makes some points.

I’m going to go further and say that I think the rivalry is much more than entertainment. It is about the fans’ identification of their team and their willingness to debate and defend their opinions.

It’s a battle between good and evil.

It’s a battle between right and wrong.

It’s about honor and integrity.

Ok, Ok, maybe not.

It’s about passion.

Division rivalries grow bigger because the teams play each other twice in a relatively short season (compared to other sports).  Fans get to know those players because of the frequency of play.  I know much less about the San Diego Chargers than I do about teams in the AFC North.

Fans can argue the rivalry of their team against others is the best, but they’re wrong.  The rivalry between the 6-time Super Bowl Champs and the Ravens is the best.

It’s gotten down right brutal sometimes. The injuries always seem to increase after these games. The players who play hurt because it’s the Ravens and they don’t want to quit have been something to watch.

The pre-game jawing, usually from the Ravens side, often spins up the expectations. The disrespect to the Terrible Towel is another factor that spins players and fans right up.

Seriously, if you disrespect the Terrible Towel, you need to get a life.  It’s not just a symbol.  If you don’t know how and why Myron Cope created it and what he did with the copyright, you need to check it out.

Anyway, I am a life-long Steelers fan and a life-long “disliker” of the Ravens. This rivalry is more than about entertainment. It is about passion and heart. It is the NFL. I think it is the best rivalry in the league, but I’m biased.

Who agrees with me?

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