Former Steelers Taylor A Good Coach For Secondary?


The Steelers former shutdown corner, Ike Taylor, hung up the cleats for good in an announcement earlier in the week.

The build up to that decision was nowhere built up the way that Troy Polamalu‘s decision came about. But, much like Troy’s, Ike went out with class and dignity.

Taylor did not want to play for any other team than the Steelers and feels he went out the right way.

"I wasn’t cut, I wasn’t released. It was just my contract was up and it was time to retire. If you want to have pride, well that is the kind of pride I have, being able to play my contract out…From the time I walked in the door until the time I left, this is where I wanted to be."

He left on good terms, which sets him up nicely to return to the team in some capacity on the sidelines. Taylor is excited for any opportunity too.

A Bleacher Report article reminds us that back in January Taylor said:

"As far as the Steelers organization, it doesn’t have to be with the cleats anymore. I can be in the office. I can be at the bottom and work my way up. I can be an assistant. I don’t mind working my way from the bottom up."

It’s been well documented that Taylor has a great relationship with ownership, especially with Dan Rooney. Fans already know that Taylor will be joining the NFL Network for a time, but what about the Steelers.

I would be shocked if he’s not on the sidelines during the OTA’s coming up in the spring.

I would be shocked if the Steelers hire him as an assistant coach like they did with Joey Porter – not necessarily directly responsible for player development, but present enough to be a good mentor to the young blood sure to come in as a result of the draft.

How would Taylor fair as a mentor/coach?

I’m looking forward to it. The Steelers, like many other teams throughout sports, are building a tradition of bringing back some of their more galvanizing players from over the years – Carnell Lake, Jerry Olsavsky, and Joey Porter.

The addition of Taylor would be good for the players and good for the team. He’s passionate about the cornerback position and more importantly, passionate about this organization.

With players becoming more and more put into question as to whether they embody being a “Steeler,” Taylor can certainly work with attitudes and the mentality of players within the locker room.

Swaggin U would have new meaning.

Perhaps the Steelers will bring him on in a more minor role than an assistant on the field, but don’t doubt for a second that he won’t work his way up quickly to some sort of coaching status.

That spells good things for the Steelers.

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