Steelers Biggest Draft Need: Cornerback


The other day on my drive to work, Ross Tucker summarized the Steelers’ draft needs over the NFL Radio air waves: “Cornerback, cornerback, cornerback.”

Not many people would disagree with Tucker on that. Just last week,’s Bob Labriola published his draft preview of the cornerback position. Take a look at his analysis.

However, there is an issue. I stated in a previous article that the Steelers’ scouting department is among the best in the league at recognizing wide receiver talent. They are not quite as proficient when it comes to recognizing cornerback talent.

Recently retired Ike Taylor proved to be a great value pick over his long tenure, but feeling good about Steeler cornerbacks ends there.

William Gay‘s recent spout of overachieving has not been a consistent theme throughout his career. Cortez Allen, while talented, went into the tank last season. The team’s best prospect in a while, Keenan Lewis, walked in free agency a few seasons ago.

Since Mike Tomlin has been coach of the Steelers the team has drafted nine cornerbacks. Two are on the team going into 2015. One of those two lost his starting job to the other last year. Yes, I’d say there is a need at cornerback.

The Steelers signed Brice McCain and Antwon Blake last year to attempt to solidify the position. The results were encouraging considering the expectations for the two players, but McCain has since left the team after a one-year contract.

There is no doubt that the Steelers need to draft a cornerback, the question is, will they pick the right one? Another question might be, can they develop a cornerback?

This might be the year that the Steelers finally draft a cornerback in the first round. Typically, the team operates with the best-player-available mentality. However, with such a glaring need they must at least consider a corner in round one if the talent is there.

Still Curtain’s Dominic DiTolla thinks 2015 could be the year that the Steelers go corner in round one. Check out the latest version of his mock draft here.

If the Steelers do go for a cornerback in the first round of the draft, they better hope to have more success with this new prospect than they’ve had in the past.

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