Steelers Brown Shows Up For Workouts, Unclear If He’ll Stay


The Steelers star wide out and 2014’s best receiver in the NFL Antonio Brown laid down a little surprise on Monday.

Shockingly already, Brown dropped the bomb last week that he wasn’t going to attend the voluntary workouts – presumably because he wants a new contract worked out before the start of the 2015 season.

On Monday, Brown showed up for team activities. Hmmmm. Quite the 180 from last week.

Mind you, the workouts between now and mid-June are all voluntary. The three day mini-camp held June 16 is mandatory and will be the true litmus as to where things stand between Brown, the Steelers, as well as agent of evil, Drew Rosenhaus.

The team sent out a tweet on Monday with some pics of certain players working out. Brown was front and center in the collage – a move that was sure to try and assuage Steelers fans’ fears that Brown will be MIA for the long haul.

That’s all anyone can do at this point until mid-June – hope that last week’s absence was just a warning shot across the front office’s bow and that they better be serious about coming to the table over the summer.

If Brown doesn’t show up to the mandatory camps in June, then we’ll just have to speculate that the Steelers are uninterested in sitting down and working out a deal that would give Brown more guaranteed money, which there is very little of in his current contract.

Take solace, Steeler Nation, that Brown is at least showing up to the voluntary sessions unexpectedly. Perhaps it was juat a warning or perhaps he’s had a change of heart. We won’t know for sure until June.

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