Steelers: Are Fans Hopeful on the Eve of the NFL Draft?


As the 2015 NFL Draft looms, are Steelers fans hopeful and excited about what the team made get from the draft or are fans afraid of a let down?

The NFL has done an excellent marketing job making the draft into a star-studded event that has fans willing to shell out some of their hard-earned money to attend media days and sit in the arena to cheer the selections.

Even with all this hype that surrounds players who have potential, no one can honestly predict how they will do at the professional level.

Seriously, I think I could hear a collective groan from Steeler Nation when Le’Veon Bell was drafted, but no one is groaning now.

When Jarvis Jones was drafted, I saw social media posts and newspaper and online columns bemoaning the fact the LeBeau never plays rookies and he would waste away on the bench. What’s that you’re saying now? Maybe that was OK?

It’s all a guessing game.

Either way, it’s fun to get to know something about the players before the draft process starts.  There are so many college games that it can be hard to figure out who to single out and pay attention to prior to the draft process.

The comments about “leaks” from Colbert recently are also fairly amusing. It’s all about the competition and trying to get an advantage, whether it be skewing things to get a player to fall in the draft or whatever.

I get a chuckle from it all, but at the end of the day, I’m excited to see who the Steelers get because there is something about embracing new talent and the potential of what they can add to a team I love.

What do you think Steeler Nation? Are you hopeful? Will you watch the entire Draft, part of the draft, or wait and read about it? Vote below!

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