Steelers Get Unlikely Pick In 1st Round: Alvin ‘Bud’ Dupree


The Steelers highly anticipated draft pick finally came in after months of analysis and speculation from all the experts and well, the folks over at ESPN.

With the 22nd pick of the 2015 NFL the Steelers selected Bud Dupree.

Man things were looking great for the Steelers all the way until Pick 16, then the wheels came off. Trae Waynes was the only CB taken by the 11th pick. The run on CB’s looked like it wasn’t going to happen.

Even when the Chargers and Niners traded picks, it looked as if the Steelers would have choices of Kevin Johnson, Marcus Peters, and a slew of edge rushers.

By the time the Chiefs’ pick was in at 18, both Johnson and Peters were gone. But, Ray, Dupree, Gregory, and Collins were all still sitting there by the 20th.

Man was it getting exciting. Once the Steelers were on the clock the pick came in fast. They hadn’t even announced the Bengals selection when the news broke that the Steelers were ready to announce. Alas it would not be a corner for another year.

What do we know about Bud Dupree?

He is as athletic as they come. Big, strong, fast. He relies on that raw athleticism a little too much at this point, but there’s nothing that says he won’t be able to refine his skill once he hits OTA’s with the rest of the linebacker core.

Dupree is a pure 3-4 edge rusher. It’s as simple as that. He played multiple positions in college, but he truly will be the edge rusher that the Steelers have been hungry for since LaMarr Woodley went bye bye.

Here’s what our mock guru, Dom DiTolla had to say about Dupree:

"In terms of his size (6’4″ 269 lbs.), raw athletic tools and upside, Dupree could be a prospect who could be drafted in the first third of the first round. Dupree gets excellent bend around the edge on his speed rushes for a player of his size, and he has illustrated the potential to turn speed to power as well as execute an effective bull rush as well. Dupree has active hands to go along with the arm length (32.625″) to disrupt throws and clog throwing lanes for opposing quarterbacks. The former Wildcat even possesses the athletic ability to hold his own in pass coverage with the proper development."

I think we are going to see a lot of Dupree in the 2015 season. He is going to challenge all the current OLB’s on this roster – though Tomlin said they are going to start him out on the left side. He’s the new big dog in town and an impact player. Things just got interesting. Jarvis Jones better be putting in the extra work – he’s going to need it.

Congrats and welcome to the Steelers newest member, Bud Dupree!!

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