2015 NFL Draft AFC North Picks: Browns Select Duke Johnson


For the 77th overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft the Cleveland Browns selected running back Duke Johnson out of Miami.

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Johnson is a 5’9”, 207 lb. back who forfeited his senior year to become eligible for the draft after missing the majority of his sophomore year with an ankle injury. He’s originally from Florida and committed to Miami early on.

His strengths include his impressive acceleration and displays of bursts with an effective stiff-arm. He’s a patient runner, not unlike Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell, who can find a hole and hit it hard. He does have good hands out of the backfield and can run routes and split out wide in some formations.

His weaknesses are listed as his small stature might not make him an ideal three-down back and would most likely benefit from being in a running back by committee situation which may be ideal for the Browns with Terrance West and Isaiah Crowell on the Browns depth chart.

With the Browns quarterback situation as questionable as it is, it would behoove them to strengthen their running game and take pressure off of, you know, Johnny Football; on account of he’s not so good with throwing the football as far as we’ve seen.

The Steelers and Browns matchups haven’t always exactly been running back duels considering the Browns have been so awful for so long and when they’re good for a day the Steelers are bad in just about every way possible.

A third round pick running back can’t always make any kind of immediate impact (see Dri Archer) but this pick seems like it’s a good one for the Browns and Johnson will make sense on their roster.

Steeler Nation what do you think about the addition of Duke Johnson to the Cleveland Browns running back corps?

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