NFL 2015 Draft: Steelers Day 3 Picks Get Mixed Reactions


The Steelers had five picks in the 2015 NFL Draft rounds 4 to 7 and picked mostly defensive players which tracks with the majority of off season changes.

Steeler Nation never disappoints, does it? I love watching the reactions on twitter.

There was lots of discussion about the Steelers taking alums of both Ohio State University AND Penn State University. Some of the comments were about the Steelers staying in their own back yard and even OSU bragged after the Steelers picked up Duran Grant:

Yeah thanks OSU, like you weren’t obnoxious before…moving on…

To sum up, in case you haven’t been following it:  on Day 3 the Steelers added Duran Grant (cornerback), Jesse James (tight end), Leterrius Walton (defensive tackle), Anthony Chickillo (linebacker), and Gerod Holliman (free safety).  You can check out in-depth information on these players on the Steelers Website, as well as

Will any of them end up playing regularly?  Who knows?

I think fans should not expect any team to get a guaranteed “fix” to anything via the draft. You can hope for talent that mixes well with what the team already has. Some of the biggest NFL Draft busts were supposed to be franchise saviors.

The roster also plays into limiting how the Steelers shape this.  There is no guarantee to anyone drafted that they will be on the active roster when the regular season starts.

One thing I am glad that the Steelers didn’t do was draft a QB. While I think they need a better plan to eventually replace Roethlisberger, I didn’t think that solution was in this year’s draft. Also Tajh Boyd deserves a chance to show what he can do during camp. A three-way competition is ludicrous – unless you don’t have a quarterback at all.

My overall impression of Day 3 of the 2015 NFL Draft is that the Steelers clearly recognize the need to get some younger talent in the defense.

Is it perfect? No. Can anyone reading this post come up with some “shoulda” drafted names? Highly likely. Yet it’s in the books.

Regardless, I’m ready to see what happens in the training camps.

Who’s with me?  Are you ready for August?

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