Steelers Draft Day 3: What’s Next?


As the Steelers go into the NFL draft’s final rounds, they will look to fill some more holes from among the dwindling talent stack with four picks left.

The Steelers started out strong with their first pick and Steeler Nation was excited. Defense continues to be the highest priority based on that pick.

Yet, the next two make some fans wonder. If you missed it, circle back to Still Curtain’s wrap up from last night from Craig.

So, what about today’s five picks?  I think picks 2 and 3 on Friday show the Steeler’s love of trying to find talent that may not be an obvious fit. As Tomlin would say: “Obviously, we’ve looked at their body of work and feel they will bring something to our team.” Obviously.

The Steelers will pick 22nd in round 4 (overall 121), 24th in round 5 (overall 160), 23rd and 36th in round 6 (overall 199 and 212) and get the 22nd pick(overall 239) in the final round.

What lies ahead? Unpredictability.  I think Tomlin and Colbert pride themselves on not going with the highest rated talent as the analyst boards list them.

Will the Steelers look to bring a rookie running back on? That’s a tough one because Le’Veon Bell’s promise in the next season is off the charts.

Anyone, even a veteran, in the back up position may not have a lot of actual playing time.  Interestingly enough, Jeremy Langford, a running back from Michigan State, 5-11 5/8, 208 pounds, is still out there. I think the odds are low that they would select him, but I know MSU was among Tomlin’s visits.

It seems obvious that the Steelers will continue to address the secondary.  Is there some talent left at Safety that would be a great pick?

Gerod Holliman, a Safety from Louisville is still available. He’s 6’2″, 213 pounds. He’s got 14 interceptions in 2014, but according to SI, tackling is his weak point.

There is another intriguing prospect from Syracuse, Durrell Eskridge, who is 6’3″, 207 and led the team in tackles in 2013 and was third on the list in 2014. SI lists his strengths as acceleration and fluidity.

My opinion  is that the Steelers have a pressing need to get some explosive talent into the secondary.  I know they don’t have a track record with using rookies, but maybe Keith Butler will change that.

I’m not saying they need to try to find another Troy Polamalu either. I think that is a tall order, bordering on impossible. The Steelers  just need to build a secondary that doesn’t let the run after pass get away from them. The secondary needs…well…inspiration.

How will today go? I think these picks and their ability to help the Steelers will not be obvious until training camp. It’s just the way round 3 goes.  It’s kind of ho-hum.

Now is the time to find the hidden gems, where the Steelers may have seen something the analysts and other teams missed.

It’s happened before. Remember Antonio Brown?  He was picked 195th overall in the 6th round.

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