Steelers Filling Holes in the Scouting Staff


The Steelers hired Rick Reiprish in their player personnel department.  This hire should help beef up an area that had lost some experienced college scouts.

The Steelers added to the scouting staff this week announcing on their website that they had hired Reiprish who will serve as the Senior Assistant, College Scouting.

The scouting staff had lost some veteran experience according to Steelers GM Kevin Colbert.  Colbert referenced to Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  about Ron Hughes and Joe Greene’s retirements and Bill Nunn’s passing.

Colbert says of Reiprish:

"It’s nice to have a guy like Rick available. He has a lot of experience.”"

The Steeler’s news release detailed Reiprish’s work experience in NFL player personnel with various teams for 35 years.  His last position was with the New Orleans Saints.

According to ProFootball Talk’s Josh Alper, Reiprish was fired in January of this year while scouting at the Senior Bowl.

Personally, I know that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to help Colbert and Tomlin narrow down who they should personally take a look at. Until recently, the drafts have not garnered the hoped-for results.

The Saints seemed to have been on a downward trend that started with “bounty-gate.”  I feel you can’t blame that on the staff at the levels Reiprish is at because Sean Payton and company were making the actual decisions.

However, Saints GM Mickey Loomis decided it was time for a change and the scouting staff was the place for that change. Personally, I’m not a fan of their defensive coordinator, but I digress.

With the change benefit the Steelers? Well, one could hope so.  Reiprish was hired by the Saints in 2004, so he was part of the organization when they won the Super Bowl in 2009.

It’s hard to say if his methods will match what the Steelers organization are looking for, but I like his experience level and that he might bring in a different view.  It’s good to promote from within, but it’s also good to get some outside ideas.

Either way, what I really want to know is: is it time for football to start yet?

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