Steelers PAT, Troy’s Tribute, Bell’s Appeal


The 2015 NFL Draft has come and gone and your Pittsburgh Steelers 2015 draft class is being inked up to contracts. There are just a few more phases of the offseason training program before the team breaks in June before training camp. While the new Steelers get acclimated with the Steel City we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Thursday, May 21st.

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Steelers Going for 2

The NFL has officially changed the game as far as extra points are concerned. Their policy of “if it ain’t broke, fix it any way” has led them to moving the kicking of a PAT after a touchdown is scored to the 15-yard line and a two-point conversion staying at the 2-yard line.

Mike Prisuta explains how this will have the Steelers and a whole lot of other NFL teams thinking about going for two a hell of a lot more often than before. The NFL had decided that the extra point kick was too automatic of a play to keep the way it was so while they tinkered with the distance last preseason; the official change starts in 2015. The two-point conversion also presents a live-ball scenario for the defense in which a turnover taken the entire opposite way would result in two points.

That added bonus has Steelers defensive end Cameron Heyward hoping every team goes for two against him.

"“I really like the addition of the defense having a chance to score. If it’s a quick slant; you saw where James Harrison took it in the Super Bowl (against Arizona), if that was a after a touchdown that doesn’t count (prior to the 2015 rule change). If we can get points that way, get an extra two and then our offense gets back on the field, we’re all going to be up for it.” – Cameron Heyward"


According to Dejan Kovacevic last week, we might not have ever seen or heard from Troy Polamalu again but last night, there he was, attending a random inter-league week night Pirates game against the Minnesota Twins.

  The Pirates pulled off a very classy and thoroughly entertaining move by taking a moment between innings to play Troy’s highlights, to the tune of “Renegade” on the big screen before showing him to the crowd to which Troy tipped his hat. For some video of the tribute, head on over to Keisel’s Facebook page.

Troy was in attendance at the game with Steelers current players like Cameron Heyward and Ryan Shazier along with Steelers legend Franco Harris.

Bell’s appeal

Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell spoke with ESPN’s Josina Anderson for an interview in ESPN The Magazine in which he explains how he’s ready to face whatever punishment is given to him for his arrest last summer for driving under the influence and possessing marijuana but he still hopes he can get back out on the field as soon as possible.

"“I want to play as many games as possible and be out there with my teammates as soon as possible. Me and Ben (Roethlisberger) have a connection. We’re both on the same page all the time. When somebody else is in there, like in the playoff game I missed, you can tell it’s a little off. If (as part of a plea deal) they look into all of the community service that I did, the classes I had to take and eventually getting the charges off my record, I feel like it should be something that they consider.” – Le’Veon Bell"

Bell made that response to clarify why he would say that he’s ready to face his punishment if he is appealing the length of time as well. Makes sense that the league should take into consideration the fact that he has completed what the local law enforcement required of him to have the charges removed from his record.

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