Don’t Expect Steelers To Re-sign William Gay For 2016


The Steelers William Gay is entering his final year of his three year contract he signed back in 2013.

A man who has changed his name almost as many times as Sean Combs, Will/Willie/William Gay could also be changing teams in 2016.

Gay has been a serviceable corner for the Steelers during his second tour with the team. Drafted in the 5th round back in 2007, Gay had up and down seasons and ultimately found himself as the nickel corner in Dick LeBeau‘s 3-4 defense.

Gay signed with the Arizona Cardinals, continuing the tradition of “Pittsburgh West.” He lasted one year there, never being the substantial playmaker that the Cardinals were looking for in a crowded secondary roster. Gay would return to the Steelers the next year to begin his second tour.

And that’s always been the problem with Gay. Up until just last season, Gay has always struggled in the play making ability and the ability to play anything but nickel corner.

Those three INT’s that turned into pick sixes last season, all came with him lined up anywhere but outside the numbers.

There’s no arguing that he can make plays. There’s no arguing that he’s a pretty good corner. But underrated? A top outside cover corner? Phooey.

He might have been the best corner on the Steelers roster last season, but that’s not saying much. Right?

Gay is too slow and lacks the agility to effectively cover the league’s tops. That’s where he needs to be as the Steelers secondary grows and evolves over the next several seasons.

He will more than likely start as one of the outside corners by default. But, that’s where it invariably will end, won’t it?

If the cards fall the Steelers way, Cortez Allen will play the way he’s getting paid. Senquez Golson’s play making ability will move him to the outside, and guys like Antwon Blake and Doran Grant will add depth as they progress in their growth.

Gay is quickly becoming the outside man looking in on the secondary roster.

I know I’ll be criticized for that statement, but his age, lack of speed, and inability to play the outside are too many strikes for the Steelers to fork out more than $1.5 million a year. And, he’s going to want more than that.

The Steelers have far too many other important signings happening over the next two to three seasons to get caught up in another ‘pay too much money for a guy who doesn’t play like it.’

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