Steelers: Harrison’s Wait and See Approach


Steelers Linebacker James Harrison signed his latest contract knowing his on-the-field time may be limited. His future contributions are hard to predict.

OTA’s have started and players are getting interviewed and being asked for their opinions on the various things going on in the NFL.

In the Pittsburgh Tribune Review Steelers’ Notebook with contributions by Chris Adamski and Mark Kaboly, they note Joey Porter’s statement from earlier that Harrison may be limited to 25 snaps per game this season.

Harrison seems to be taking a wait-and-see approach to this.  He knows the expectations he was signed under, but he appears to be prepping to be available for more:

"Initially, when I came (out of retirement) last year, I was supposed to be a 15- to 20-snap guy, and things rolled out a different way.”"

James Harrison may not be an every down player this year, but that doesn’t matter to me. I value his previous contributions as a Steeler.

Harrison’s time with the NFL is on the downward stroke. He knows it. He’s come to terms with it, but he wants one more year.

If you follow Harrison on social media you can see he hasn’t softened his approach to training:

So, what will Harrison’s actual role be?

Is it more about mentorship than making plays?

Is he supposed to be the example of work ethic that the Steelers want?

Maybe. However, I don’t think Harrison is focused on that. He’s saying very little except for showing how he prepares. He’s not beating his chest and saying “You guys need to do things like I do them.”

Sometimes you just have to let your actions speak for themselves. Harrison let that happen last year and it worked for him and for the Steelers.

I think that is the absolute right thing to do. Prepare. Go at it with everything you have.

If he earns the spot of the field, great. If he doesn’t, I won’t fault his preparation. I hope the rest of Steeler Nation won’t either.  I’m glad he’s getting one more chance and I think he’s preparing the right way.

Here we go Steelers, here we go!

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