Steelers Hope To Avoid Curse After Chesney Visit


The Steelers worked hard over at the South Side practice facilities during their OTA’s this past week. Over on the North Side and Heinz Field, another big event was getting ready to take place – the Kenny Chesney concert.

Chesney took it upon himself to visit the some of the Steelers players and head coach Mike Tomlin.

"Over the years they have embraced me and my crew and treated us like family. The Rooney family has been amazing to me over the years. It helps me mentally to be able to get off the bus, get a good workout in and hang out with the guys in a relaxed atmosphere.       – Kenny Chesney on"

Numerous players tweeted pictures during Chesney’s visit – some of them who are fans and planned on attending the concert

Yes that’s right the Chesney concert was back. If you remember at all from two years ago, the Chesney concert left Heinz Field nothing short of a Hazmat disaster area. Fights, piles upon piles of trash, and enough puke to fill up the Browns First Energy Stadium. It was pretty embarrassing to witness and for the city of Pittsburgh.

With Chesney back, our friends over at Benstonium made a hilarious video using footage from upcoming movie Jurassic World. You’ll need to check it out over on Facebook, which is the only place where the video is currently viewable.

The Steelers themselves hope that Chesney does not begin a trend of visiting musicians. Okay, so maybe the Steelers aren’t hoping, but I know I am.

You’ll recall that last season the Steelers were visited by Justin Bieber at their Bible study the night before they played the New York Jets. The Jets prior to entering the game against the Steelers were a measly 1-8 on the season. The Jets jumped to a 20-3 lead, and the Steelers could not recover and lost that game.

The term #BlameBieber took twitter by storm among Steeler fans.

Will Chesney be a curse for the Steelers before the season even starts?  Well one thing is for certain, if the North Side looks the way it did the morning following his concert, he can be deemed a blight on the city of Pittsburgh.

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