Steelers McCullers Lifestyle Change Could Lead To Bigger Things


The Steelers young NT Daniel McCullers is a big boy. Really big.

Remember that picture from training camp last season with McCullers standing next to rookie teammate Dri Archer?

McCullers stands at almost a full foot taller than Archer. Archer is even standing about a foot closer to the foreground in the picture to look a little bigger – and he still looks tiny. The joke was that McCullers could swallow Archer whole if he wanted to.

Well, I guess we need to put that joke to bed because McCullers has given up junk food (badum ching!).

Joking aside, the Trbs Mark Kaboly wrote a small feature on Big Dan at the end of last week and how he isn’t so ‘big’ anymore.

McCullers is still a mammoth of a man, but due to his offseason workout and (more importantly) diet, he’s trimmed down. He entered his rookie training camp weighing 365 pounds. At OTA’s this season, McCullers said he’s dropped 15 pounds and is coming in at 350.

People might mistake that when someone is that big, 15 pounds is nothing. But for Dan, it’s not the weight that matters, it’s the effects on the rest of his body that he really notices.

He’s given up the pop and the junk food. He eats healthier meals. He mentioned that people said he ‘looks good.’ It doesn’t take as much effort to stretch.

He simply feels better.

I would imagine that would translate into one simple scenario: a healthier Dan means a stronger and more conditioned Dan means a harder working Dan means more playing time.

I’ve always felt that more McCullers playing each down for this defense would lead to good things. I’m kind of a health enthusiast. My family and I eat well as much as we can. We don’t workout at a gym, but we get out the door and stay fairly active. I like it when I see other people reach a point in their lives when they make that choice.

So, on one hand I’m happy for the guy to be making better choices. It shows commitment to his self and to doing well in the NFL. On the other hand I’m happy as a Steelers fan – this guy, if he can get the technique down, will be something special at the point of attack in this 3-4 defense.

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