Steelers Key Player, Brown’s Catch, Tomlin’s Take


The Pittsburgh Steelers will suit up for their three-day mandatory minicamp this week which is the remaining of their offseason workout program before they break for the summer. While they put the finishing touches on their pre-training camp preparations we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Thursday, June 18th.

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Who’s more indispensable than Ben?

Um…Le’Veon Bell. Pretty easy question actually. Ray Fittipaldo explains that put together a list of the nine most indispensable offensive and defensive players last week. No quarterbacks were allowed on the list. Steelers running back Le’Veon Bell ranked as the fifth-most indispensable offensive player.

It is a legitimate worry that the Steelers could struggle the beginning of the season during Bell’s suspension, just going by how they played in the Wild Card loss to Baltimore. However, the Steelers have had all of OTAs and will have all of training camp and preseason to implement an offense to fit with backup DeAngelo Williams and whoever else will help out in the backfield.

Then again, if the Steelers are starting off the season against the Patriots playing without Brady, there might not be that much struggle. Maybe?

World Record-Breaking Catch

Antonio Brown broke a world record by catching a football dropped from 360 feet in the air. Craig explained earlier how this probably keeps Brown in the punt returning duties for the foreseeable future but this catch is worth repeat watch.

Tomlin’s take on minicamp

The Steelers wrapped up Day 2 of their three-day minicamp on Wednesday and Coach Tomlin spoke on the differences he’s noticing so far between Dick LeBeau and Keith Butler.

"“They’re different people. Keith is Keith, Dick is Dick. In terms of how it relates to the job, I think it’s untold. You really don’t get to know people, particularly ones in positions of leadership, until they are faced with challenges. I’ll probably answer that question a little differently 12 months from now.” – Mike Tomlin"

The real difference between the two coordinators will most definitely be noticed when the pads are on and games are being played.

Tomlin was asked what he expects out of the players for the five weeks they’ll have off from the end of the minicamp to the start of training camp. The minicamp breaks on Thursday afternoon and the team doesn’t report to the dorms at Saint Vincent College until July 25th.

"“I want them to get in the very best physical condition possible; that’s all they have control over. They don’t have control over the schedule, or the weather conditions. They don’t have control over any of the challenges that are awaiting them in Latrobe. What they do have control over is the level of condition they show up in. That’s been the consistent message from us. I don’t care where they work out, as long as they’re in great physical condition.” – Mike Tomlin"

Something tells me James Harrison isn’t going to have an issue with those instructions.

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