Russell Wilson Not Ben Roethlisberger Has Better Chance For Super Bowl Run


The Steelers Ben Roethlisberger was revealed as 26th on the NFL Networks Top 100 NFL players on Wednesday night.

And while some may consider that a joke (like me), he did jump 5 spots from last season and bested other ‘elite’ quarterbacks, such as Philip Rivers, Joe Flacco, Tony Romo, and Drew Brees. Guys, who for some reason always end up in the same conversation as being right up there with Ben’s talents.

NFL Network followed up that list with a debate about who had the better chance of returning to the Super Bowl in 2015: Drew Brees, Russell Wilson (ranked 22nd in the Top 100), and Roethlisberger.

The two analysts both voted in favor of Wilson and mainly for two reasons: defense and Jimmy Graham.

I understand the sentiment that defense wins championships. It’s what gets you through the playoffs. It plays a huge role in lifting that Lombardi Trophy.

The love-fest for Graham was slightly confusing if not awkward. Somehow Jimmy Graham will bring balance to the offense and give Wilson more options at the 1-yard line – a blatant nod at the debacle that took place in the final moments in this past Super Bowl. Did they forget that it was Lynch who should have ran that ball rather than put it in Wilson’s hands to win?

I digress.

While Graham is a fantastic pass catching tight end, he bring little balance to what is a very one sided portion to Seattle’s offensive scheme. The ‘Hawks ran the ball 54% of the time versus 46% pass. That’s the highest disparity of any team in the NFL. I doubt that Graham will move the needle much.

Roethlisberger was mentioned in all of this because the point was made that he has the best supporting cast of any team in Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell. Might I also add Heath Miller and Martavis Bryant even though they weren’t mentioned?

That point was countered with the numerous unknowns right now with Keith Butler’s defense. Will they be any good and alleviate Roethlisberger from having to carry this team through it all? The collective answer was ‘no,’ and it’s difficult to argue that right now no matter how optimistic a fan wants to get.

Until the defense can actually get out there and prove itself by holding teams on 3rd down and preventing the big play, the doubters will always have the advantage.

I think Big Ben has a better chance than those guys gave him and that they are a little too confident behind Seattle and their ability to do something extremely rare by making it to three straight Super Bowls. That hasn’t been done since the ’72-’74 Dolphins.

And, let’s be honest – I’ll always go with Big Ben and his ability to scramble and make big plays over any QB in the league.

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