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The Pittsburgh Steelers are officially on summer vacation. They’ve wrapped up their minicamp and will head out to parts unknown for the next four weeks until reporting to the dorms of Saint Vincent for the Steelers’ 50th season of training camp in Latrobe. While the Steelers are enjoying their summer break we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Wednesday, July 1st.

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Coach Peezy showing ’em how it’s done

You want to get to the quarterback? You’d better listen to Coach Porter, as Mike Prisuta explains. With the new title this year of Outside Linebackers Coach, Joey Porter tries to teach his experience to the young group of linebackers on the Steelers roster.

"“I always mess with them. I tell them, ‘You could put all your sacks together and you won’t have as many as me so you’re going to listen to me. You can put all your sacks together and I’d still have more than you, so why wouldn’t you listen to me when I’m trying to tell you how to get to the quarterback?’” – Joey Porter"

Porter totaled 98 career sacks as a player in the NFL. Porter, a former DPOY, knows that he has another former DPOY on his unit in James Harrison. So the “teaching” with Harrison isn’t something that Porter focuses on. What he does focus on is giving the younger guys the insight on the techniques they’ll need to master.

"“The young guys, they want to learn how to become a good pass rusher. Me and ‘Debo’, he sees it his way and I see it my way. When you have a guy of his age you don’t mess with him. He’s going to get the quarterback how he knows how to get the quarterback. But my young guys who haven’t made a play in this league yet, when I tell them this philosophy I have of pass rushing they’re like, ‘Oh, that makes sense.’ So they want to learn more.” – Joey Porter"

Between Porter and Harrison, these young guys have a friggin encyclopedia of tips on how to get to the quarterback. They had better put it to good use.

Can Dalton ever win a playoff game?

The ESPN AFC North writers are spending this part of the summer debating various AFC North topics. Now done with the Ben vs. Joe debate, they’ve moved on to the question Coley Harvey posed to the group: Is there a reason to think Andy Dalton can ever win a playoff game for the Bengals?

The resounding answer; no. Dalton has taken the Bengals to the playoffs for the past four years and each year he’s not just lost, he’s melted down into a puddle of a quarterback that can’t throw a touchdown if his life depended on it. The only way the Bengals advance to the second round of the playoffs is if they have a first-round bye, especially with Dalton at the helm.

Danney Ball

When you’re James Harrison, you don’t play volleyball in the offseason to stay in shape. You throw a goddamn medicine ball over a volleyball net with a weight vest strapped to you because that’s how you roll.

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