Steelers News: Canton takes, Landry meh, Bus challenge


Steelers training camp and preseason are in full swing. For the next few weeks the team will lay the foundation for the 2015 regular season. While the Steelers are sweating in the hot Latrobe and narrowing down the roster sun we’ll be busy looking for mentions of your Black & Gold so we’ve got you covered. Here’s your Steelers Morning Huddle for Tuesday, August 11th.

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3 takes from the Hall of Fame game

Mike Prisuta had three takes from Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game which included the veteran’s perspective. Outside linebacker Arthur Moats noticed mistakes being made on the field in regards to tackling but does ultimately think the additional game will benefit the Steelers in the long run.

The other take is that Steeler Nation can rest assured that their presence in Canton this weekend was felt and appreciated by the Steelers team as well as Jerome Bettis as he was being inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

"“It was a nice atmosphere, one that we respect. Obviously, with Jerome being enshrined in the Hall of Fame we expected Steeler Nation to do what they do. We don’t take it for granted but we’ve come to expect it.” – Mike Tomlin"

The other take Prisuta had was getting a chance to see the rookies take the field against competition. While they’re still at least a month away from their first official NFL game, they were able to take the field against competition and show their talents on the big stage.

Landry’s meh night

Landry Jones had a big opportunity on Sunday to showcase himself in a way that he hasn’t had a chance to do before. With the additional preseason game, Jones had the chance to start and play the entire game the first week. Jones typically hadn’t seen this much action this early in the preseason before.

Jones also hasn’t been activated for an NFL regular season game yet in his three-year NFL career and as ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler points out, he didn’t really give the Steelers any reasons to go ahead and pencil him in for an active game-day roster any time soon.

His stats were rather vanilla, going 16 of 32 for 135 yards. He had zero interceptions and zero touchdowns for a 61.3 quarterback rating. He didn’t make any glaring mistakes but didn’t make any spectacular plays either. Meh.

We’re gonna need some more coleslaw

What do you do after you have been accepted into football immortality? Challenge a dude to a Primanti Bros. sandwich eating contest, of course.

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