Steelers: Antonio Brown continuously making history


Entering his 6th season in the NFL, Antonio Brown has already emerged as one of, if not the greatest wide receiver in the league.

In a way, Antonio Brown is the Tom Brady of wide receivers. Drafted in the 6th round, like Brady, Brown is debatably the best at his position, and is a legend in the making. Scouts overlooked Brown due to his size, noting that a 5’10” wide receiver couldn’t succeed at the professional level, nor did he come from a top tier program at Central Michigan, but boy were they wrong.

The Steelers took a chance on the small guy, and he has served them well.

Antonio Brown has already begun shattering records. Brown has already crushed the record of 19 straight games with 5+ receptions, with his streak still going at 34 straight. He also owns the record for the most consecutive games with 7+ receptions, and 8+ receptions. He owns the record for the most games with 50+ yards or more, which again, is 34.

That means that Antonio Brown has had 5+ receptions and 50+ yards every game for two full seasons, and the first two games of this season. That’s astounding.

Antonio Brown is only the second Steeler in history to have a 1000 yard+ year to his name, the other being Hines Ward, and Brown has done it three times already, and is planning to add a fourth this year.

Brown is already leading the league in receptions and yards this year, and is 3rd in receptions. While it’s still very early, Brown is on track to be the first receiver to 2000+ yards in a season in history, on pace to reach 2,624 yards on the year.

Now, fast forward to this Sunday where the Steelers will head to St. Louis to face the Rams.

The Rams have allowed opposing quarterbacks to complete 81 percent of their passes, which isn’t too great. It’s also good to look at the fact that Kirk Cousins, the Redskins quarterback, completed 23 out of 27 passes, and he’s not all that great. With an elite quarterback like Ben Roethlisberger, and a secondary that may very well struggle to cover Antonio Brown (though what secondary doesn’t?) it’s safe to expect a good showing from the offense.

With Bell returning, it’s also very possible that they may dish the pigskin to him quite often. Though, with a defensive front led by Robert Quinn and Aaron Donald, it may be tough for Pittsburgh to run the ball, so the aerial play might be the way to go.

Every game that Steelers fans have the fortune to witness Antonio Brown is history in the making. It’s likely, by the end of his career, that Brown will be viewed as one of the greatest wide receivers of all time, and in the meantime, us fans can continue to watch him shatter records left and right, capping every single one off with his beautiful celebration dance.

Simply said, no one can stop Antonio Brown, and he’s proven that statement to be very true thus far.

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